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Monday, November 08, 2010

Steven Hayes gets what he deserves

This happy Connecticut family, William Petit with his daughters Michaela (front) and Hayley, and his wife, Jennifer Hawke-Petit, is vacationing in Cape Cod in 2007.

And this is Steven Hayes who along with a bumbling accomplice, brutalized all three women while Mr. Petit lay in his own blood, bound in the basement. Then they doused the women with gasoline, having tied them in their beds, and burned them to death. The father managed to escape to call for help but it was too late.

A jury just sentenced Steven Hayes to death for these unspeakable crimes. I hope they don't take 20 years to carry out the sentence. I doubt it'll take that long as he'll probably get killed in prison, I hope as brutally as he killed this family.

I've never wanted to kill anybody but, if I were asked by the state of Connecticut to pull the trigger, throw the switch, push the plunger, or pull the gallows lever, I'd take particular delight in taunting this guy before I did it.

Home invasions are on the rise people....arm yourselves and be careful out there. If a dude with dead eyes like this comes into your home uninvited, double tap him in the heart and put one between his eyes, then ask what he wants.


Bill said...

How gratifying that even in a relatively liberal state 12 jurors with enough moral courage can be found to give this (insert perjorative here) all the law allows. I tend to think he will get what he really deserves in the moments and eternity after the execution.

Ed said...

Let's hope so. I'd hate for 20 years worth of tax money to be spent to house this dirtbag in solitary.

Anonymous said...

That it took the jury 3 days to deliberate this sentence is mind-boggling.


I've only read a couple of articles on this case, and I think there was a special on TV recently. But, with the limited information I have on this case, no way would it have taken 3 days to deliberate the death penalty.

ed said...

Either the defense team was clever and managed to cloud the issue, the prosecutors were incompetent with poor communication skills, or the jurors were public school graduates and therefor incapable of grasping even rudimentary legal concepts.
I would have voted for hanging without ever leaving the jurors' box.

Bill said...

The time the jury was out concerned me too, but they did the right thing in the end. Some jurors seem to lie when asked in selection if "they can impose the death penalty" and later prove unmovable. That happened with the Fulton Co Courthouse shooter, who murdered, among others, Fulton Co Deputy Hoyt Teasley, a retired GA ANG weapons loader. RIP