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Monday, November 22, 2010

Another UN-caused disaster

If you mistakenly believe that the United Nations troops are ineffective, think again. If you want to infect with deadly Cholera, a tiny island nation already ravaged by hurricanes and earthquakes, then the UN troops are exactly the men for the job.

Almost 1000 people in Haiti have died from an unexplained Cholera outbreak. "Coincidentally" 454 UN troops, fresh off an adventure raping, murdering, and pillaging Nepalese locals, moved into Haiti, bringing Cholera with them. Predictably the UN claimed it was just another isolated incident, but CDC experts say there's no reason for Cholera to exist in Haiti unless an infected person brought it. If this outbreak goes unchecked, observers estimate hundreds of thousands could eventually die.

And what do you suppose the UN is doing about this crisis that they caused? Why demanding $164million, that's what. For the UN it's always about money, more and more money....especially from the US.

How badly can the UN do it's job before the US finally stops underwriting this disaster of an organization?


Bill said...

I hold no brief for the UN, but I don't think it's established that Nepalese troops are at fault in bring cholera to this basket case of a third world hellhole. Their soldiers, especially the Gurkhas who continue to serve with great distinction in the British Army, are generally pretty professional.

Colonel Madan "K. C." Khatri Chhetri of the Nepal Army recieved numerous awards and citations for a high altitude rescue off Mount Everest in an AS350 B2 during the disastrous 1996 climbing season. I remember reading about this rescue when he was honored by Aviation Week. It was truly inspiring. I suggest an open mind about the origin of the cholera.

ed said...

Bill, I wasn't casting aspersions on the Nepalese troops themselves, just the UN troops from wherever that happened to just come from duty in Nepal. The article I read didn't say if the troops in Haiti were in fact Nepalese themselves....actually I assumed from it that they were from somewhere else, maybe an African country, and serving there. The author seemed to think it was more than a coincidence.

Bill said...

I think the African UN troops specialize in rape and AIDS spreading more than water borne disease spreading, but you never know.

Ed said...

That is their specialty...one that our tax dollars richly fund.