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Thursday, September 16, 2010

Tea Party outrage explained

As you know, Michelle Malkin sold Hotair for maybe millions, and the new host is a guy named Allahpundit. Anyway, I was reading some of the comments regarding the O'Donnell win over Castle in Delaware and this guy whose handle is picklesgap explained far better than I ever could, why the tea party people are so steamed at establishment republicans, so I copied it and here it is....

Let me explain why the establishment like castle SUCK

The whole thing is this, Allah.
Every election… EVERY @#$%@ ELECTION, conservatives in the GOP are told to suck it up and walk a mile with the “electable” moderate candidate (bush i, dole, bush ii, mccain). we are told to shut up, get in line, and get out the vote. sure, we knock on doors and hand out flyers and work hard — because we are all part of the GOP. but still, even though we don’t “LOVE” our guy, we support him.
now, in 2010, for the first time since what, 1964? 1980? the establishment ayatollahs haven’t gotten their way.
Got that? the FIRST ELECTION IN 30-45 YEARS that MIGHT be a TRUE CONSERVATIVE election —-
—and the establishment acts like a bunch of spoiled 12-year-old girls.
Florida: Crist runs as an indie
Pennsylvania: SPecter runs as a dem
Alaska: Murkow trying to run as a lib
Delware: Castle badmouthing gop, wont even CALL christine
Nevada: tarkanian bashing angle STILL
Kentucky: mcconnell acting pissy about rand paul
you see, the FIRST AND ONLY TIME IN DECADES that the “conservatives” are having their way….
…..the “establishment” won’t get in line.
we’ve fallen in line for 50 years, NOW we have ONE SINGLE TIME — and they all take their toys and go home.
Screw that allah — surely you can see it’s massively unjust. All those donations over the decades, for what? we’re basically pawns to their kings!

Right you are picklesgap! Right you are! YEAH!!!

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