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Socialist Party presidential candidate Norman Thomas

Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Cornyn has a sudden change fo heart

Update on the Christine O'Donnell issue with establishment GOP in Washington: Over at Politico, Ben Smith has a piece detailing how GOP leader John Cornyn has reversed course 180 degrees since last night's dismissive comments about O'Donnell's beating entrenched republican Castle in Delaware's primary. Apparently the republican base lit up the phone lines, e-mails, and fax machines in Cornyn's office and let him know unequivocally that the GOP machine had better support her in the general election whether they think she's got a chance or not of winning.

This is a good sign for conservatives in America. We are taking back the republican party from pretend conservatives one seat at a time and installing actual conservatives in their places. Who knows if O'Donnell can win in November, but as the republican nominee, she deserves every effort from her party to help her defeat the liberal democrat. What was Cornyn going to do, support the democrat?

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