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Monday, March 10, 2008

I guess we're all doomed

By adding 7 more mortal sins to the 7 already on the books, not to mention the 10 commandments, it looks like the Pope has decided that pretty much everybody deserves eternal damnation. I was just thinking that since the fundamental assumption of Christianity is that everybody does indeed deserve eternal damnation, isn't this a little like announcing you've invented loaf bread? I mean seriously, who, after this latest addition, isn't now covered by at least one if not most of the "deadly" sins? Here are the old mortal sins...Pride, Envy, Gluttony, Lust, Anger, Greed, and Sloth. Man, on any given football Saturday in the SEC, I'm busted for like 3 of those...gluttony, anger, and sloth(as I lie on the couch for hours yelling at the TV and eating chips) and maybe pride if Georgia wins.

Here are the new ones...Polluting, Genetic engineering, Obscene riches, Taking drugs, Abortion, Pedophilia and Causing social injustice

I'll let you write your own jokes about the irony of the Catholic church making a mortal sin out of pedophilia.

Now, if you're as cynical as I am, you rolled your eyes at most of these. I'm respectful of the Catholic faith but a dude in a funny hat telling me that obscene wealth is a sin is preposterous when there are fewer institutions on Earth up to it's eyeballs with wealth like the Catholic church. And "causing social injustice" could be interpreted any number of ways. This is just the Catholic church's attempt to remain relevant by succoming to political correctness and politics. I realize that Jerry Falwell, Jesse Jackson, James Dobson, and Al Sharpton are all guilty of politicizing religion but you could usually count on the Pope to remain more or less neutral.....polluting.....gimme a break!


Kevin said...

Polluting. How does the pope travel the world?

Genetic Engineering. I don't think Jesus or Moses would even know what this is. Nor care for that matter.

Obscene Riches. Ed pretty much summed this one up.

Taking Drugs. Do prescription drugs count?

Abortion. There can be exceptions where this would be the moral thing to do.

Causing social injustice. This is just so so vague.

And the grand daddy of them all- Pedophilia. This means that every catholic priest is now going to hell.

Thanks alot pope for damning your own religion.

How about before you go and tell us how to live our lives, you fix your own.

freedom2learn said...

I thought the Bible covered the sin thing.

Reid said...

The Christian world prior to Christ used animal sacrifices to please God and serve as repentance. Certain "sins" carried varied sacrificial gifts (birds, calves, lambs, etc.) Jesus came and walked the earth. His crucifixtion on the cross was the ultimate sacrifice. We as Christians no longer have to practice those sacrifices, 'cause God did it for us. All we have to do is truly accept a gift, and we are forgiven - forever. This does not mean that we can continue to sin and live immorally. It requires study, prayer, and reaching out to lost souls. It also requires for us to not judge others. While I am not in agreement with the Pope on his new found revalations, I think he is trying to place limits for his flock. There seem to be many varied issues within the Catholic church, and maybe this will help them straighten up and fly right.

Ed, as a Christian, you know that the Pope has no jurisdiction over non Catholics. He has already stated that those of us who don't follow his denomination are hell bound anyway. Very little this mortal says has effect on me.

Kevin: Jesus was God as he took human form. He knows all, even genetic engineering.

ed said...

Reid, the Pope has no jurisdiction over Catholics either...not really. No man has jurisdiction over another man in terms of how he lives his life. As men, we are answerable only to God.

Now the Pope might preach that we'll suffer hellfire and brimstone if we continue to throw our Chick'Filet bag's out the car window, but even that has no affect on our eternal destiny. It's a nice thing to say, "Don't pollute", but in the end, it might make the sad Indian cry, but it won't keep anybody out of heaven.