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Tuesday, March 06, 2007

Feed the meter

This is one of the most harebrained schemes I can remember. It's just silly when you think about it....

(CBS4) DENVER The city of Denver has recycled old parking meters to help in the fight against homelessness.The old parking meters have been placed at various locations in downtown, including Skyline Park.The idea is to encourage people to put the money into the parking meters instead of giving to panhandlers. Money raised from the meters will go to organizations fighting homelessness.

I don't put my spare change in the meter when I park in front of one. I'm certainly not going out of my way to drop money in a meter I'm not even using. Besides, if you don't give occasionally to panhandlers, who else is going to support the Mogan David winery?

I kid. I kid.

Seriously, how is the city of Denver going to solve it's problem of 16,000 homeless in 10 years with motorists' spare change? Must be some of that liberal fuzzy math.


Reid said...

If this has any sucess that is reported this month, then mid next month there will be a rash of burglaries of these meters. The change garnered will then be spent on the purchase and resale of illegal drugs to the inner city youth of Denver, thereby further exacerbating the homeless problem. Way to go Big D!!!

Ed said...

It's just feel-good tokenism that liberals love. It makes them feel warm and fuzzy inside about themselves and their generosity toward others.

It matters not that they won't get any results, because to liberals, results don't matter---it's good intentions that matter.

Like Rush says---symbolism over substance.