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Monday, September 25, 2006

The truth hurts

This has all gotten to be just a bit embarassing. The Pope doesn't need to grovel and appease these guys with apology after apology.

Pope Benedict XVI has expressed "total and profound respect" for the Muslim faith, as he attempts to defuse a row between Islam and the Catholic Church.
He made the remarks in a meeting with envoys from the Muslim world, weeks after a speech in Germany prompted an angry reaction by some Muslims.

Muslim leaders had been demanding an unequivocal apology from the Pope for his words.

When did the world's Muslims become so delicate and sensitive to the slightest hint of insult?

I'll tell you when. When the insults are founded in truth.

It's not Christians, or Buddhists, or Hindu's sawing off the heads of infidels. What other hijackers fly planes into buildings in the name of their religion? Of the thousands of murderous, suicide bombings that have occurred around the world, name one that wasn't in the name of Islam?

The fact is that there is a significant faction of Islam that believes the violent conversion or subjugation of infidels is commanded by the Qaran. Until these leaders of Islamic countries who're pretending to be offended, destroy those radicals in their midst, the world will continue to view Islam negatively as a result of the vocal, violent minority...and rightly so.


Joe Camel said...

Where did you get this picture? The local soccer match? I must becoming cynical.

Ed said...

Actually this was taken during an outside practice session of the Baghdad Men's A Cappella Glee Club.

Boy can they hit those high notes!

Joe Camel said...

Great answer. I can close my eyes and hear Oh Tanebaum as we speak!