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Thursday, September 28, 2006

parent volunteerism...it comes with the territory

Well, I'm off to my kid's school to serve as a time-keeper at the finish line of his cross-country meet. Like most youth sports programs, the parents do most of the work so the coaches can coach. It's cool but cross-country is not exactly a spectator sport. They take off into the woods and neighborhoods and you don't see them for 15 minutes, then there's this rush of excitement as you wait to see your kid in the pack as they near the finish...then it's over. Oh well, he loves to run, so as long as they're still handing out track scholarships for college I'm down with it.


David said...

Try a swim meet once. Hours of waiting punctuated by 3-4 sub-two minute spurts of excitement known as events. And the swimming season is year-round!

Ed said...

I've heard about swim team...excruciatinly boring.

My kid also wants to do outdoor track and field in the Spring.

As a baseball dad at heart, it may be one of those youth sports at which he gets dropped off and I come back just in time for his event. With cell phones that's possible now and you don't have to sit in the stands for hours.

Maybe you should try that for swim meets.

Bobby T said...

Your children will end up wearing those awful looking wigs or worse being attacked by a rabid squirrels if you miss an event. Worse yet, Algore cold show up and brainwash your child into becoming a leftist-pinko (that is worse than dying). Never leave them unattended. Havve a nice day!

Ed said...

The good thing about my small community is that all the parents know and look out for all the kids. My kid knows that if I'm not around he can look around and find literally dozens of familiar faces to whom he can go for help.

Even those occasions are rare. I'm usually at all practices and events.