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Sunday, July 30, 2006

What's in Ed's CD player this week?

A friend at work asked me the other day what music I had been listening to lately so I thought I'd put up the last 10 CD's that I listened to in no particular order of preference...

Coldplay -- A Rush of Blood to the Head
Steely Dan -- Showbiz Kids
Foo Fighters -- One by One
Big Country -- The Best of...
The Police -- Synchronicity
World Party -- Goodbye Jumbo
Semisonic -- Great Divide
Peter Murphy -- Cascade
New Radicals -- Maybe You've Been Brainwashed Too
Sting -- Nothing Like the Sun

Also I heard Laura Ingraham talking on her show about the most embarassing CD's that she owns so here are my top 3 most embarassing CD's...

#3 -- The Rembrandts -- L.P.

#2 -- The Best of the Outfield -- Big Innings

#1 -- PotteryBarn -- Hip Holidays III


Joe Camel said...

Ed: I thought we were on the right track up front with the Steely Dan Greatest Band comment in the bio, but Coldplay - come on! I can live you listening to World Party and to Peter Murphy, since you have some great choices in Sting, The Police and in the New Radicals, but Cold play. This must be the influence of your wife. I thinjk you should reconsider your worst 3 list by adding all Coldplay titles in lieu of Rembrandts. At least you could dream about Jenifer, Courtney, and the chick who played Phoebe while listening. A minor redeeming value after purchase.

My cd player holds the following, as we speak:

Nirvanna Nevermind
Steely Dan Greatest Hits
Sting Dream of the Blue Turtles
Joss Stone The Soul Sessions
Van Morrison Wavelength
Jack Johnson On and On

By the way upgrade to an Ipod, then you carry all of your music with you and no longer be forced to leave the ever popular "Thriller" at home.

Ed said...

Actually JC, my wife has more eclectic tastes in music than me. She has been asking for the Jack Johnson CD that you have.

I realize that Coldplay has gone the way of REM, a good alternative band rendered mainstream popular, and thus no longer alternative and hip.

I won't even comment on Chris Martin's staggeringly stupid wife...the frail and vapid Gwynneth.

I can't find fault in any of your CD's ...except one...Nirvana? C'mon man, The fact that Kobain chose to be married and have a kid with Courtney Love is enough in itself to expunge Nirvana from anybody's CD collection. Seriously, do you still listen to Grunge? There are enough reality-based reasons for angst in the world already...why dwell in it by choice?

That being said, your collection would probably be a nice fit in my wife's beach-listening collection.

You did forget to mention your most embarassing CD's...or was that covered with Nirvana? :-)

Joe Camel said...

Nirvana provides excellent relief from the daily grind we exist in. They are loud and headbanging, and periodically taht helps clear the mind. Worst (Most embarrassing)purchases would include:

My only Barry Manilow cd (I was trying to get laid - it didn't help). Fiona Apple - Tidal. Sountrack from the Jungle Book ( my Kids but you knew that.

Otherwise, I wish that others would weigh in with their lists to create a music library discussion.

Reid said...

I'll play along with this theme now. My CD player in the car is currently holding the following:

Keb Moe
Paul Simon Rythym of the Saints
Old 97s Too Far to Care
Hall & Oates Our Kind of Soul
Dianna Krall The Look of Love
Buckingham Nicks Buckingham Nicks
(which is a great album for any Fleetwood Mac fan Not in Print by the way)
Eclectic all over the place, non-standard, but I live in my car, so when this fails I cut on XM and slide up and down the dial picking great music. What a great invention. By the way, I inserted the Old 97's and removed Frank Sinatra.

Most Embarrasing CD's
Soundtrack from The Exorcist
( I thought Tubular Bells was cool)
Janet Jackson's greatest hits
Time Life Cd with Convoy on it

David said...

Since we're sharing.Here's what's in my Ford Ubiquitaurus:

Johnny Cash
Nirvana - Live in NY
Motley Jovi - custom "big hair" conglomeration
Led Zeppelin IV
Red House Painters - Songs for a Blue Guitar
Talking Heads
Social Distortion
Modern Skirts
Miss. John Hurt

The audiobook "Life of Pi" by Yann Martel. An excellent book.

My most embarrassing LP's:
KC and the Sunshine Band
The Go-go's x2

Ed said...

D -- you can be forgiven for the GoGo's since they're cute and all, but driving a Ford Taurus...now that's embarassing.

Who in the name of Stephen Hawking is Yann Martel? Seriously, do you listen to audio books about math?

You're a bigger geek than me, and that's an accomplishment.

Other than that, your CD collection is quite eclectic and diverse...nicely done.

Dianne said...

Hey JOE CAMEL. As Ed's wife I would like to say that I do not influence nor necessarily share my husband taste in music. While there are a few artists that we both like, I tend more toward Joss Stone and Jack Johnson as well...and of course, my all-time favorite is definitely Van Morrison. So be careful before you make assumptions in the future.

David said...

Regarding the Ford Ubiquitaurus - the same says it all...well most of it anyway. My vanity license plate reads "RENTAL". I fit in at the airport.