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Sunday, July 30, 2006

And I thought Robert Maplethorpe was a sleazebag, degenerate...

Read about this liberal photographer's techniques and then convince me it's not child abuse...

Photographer Jill Greenberg has whipped up a storm of controversy with her new exhibition, End Times. The pictures in the show, for which she deliberately provoked tearful outbursts from children by taking away lollipops she had just given them, have been described by some as tantamount to child abuse.

Apparantly Ms. Greenberg makes these kids cry, with the permission of their idiot, liberal parents, and then titles the disturbing photos things like 4 More Years, Grand Old Party, and Misinformation, to describe the Bush administration's effect on the psyche of Americans. You can find more of this "art" at this link...

That demented parents would allow their young children to be subjected to this cruel, nauseatingly wicked treatment just to get a political photo op, speaks volumes about the effects that liberalism has on the parental psychology of the afflicted. How abominably cruel to give a child a lolli-pop and then yank it away, just to make them cry! This is unimaginable to me as a parent...but then liberals don't see their children as little humans who trust them unconditionally, they see them more as possessions, or monkey pets to be used to entertain and impress thier liberal friends.

We don't even take lolli-pops away from terrorists at Guantanimo Bay for fear of liberal wails of torture and inhumane treatement. But man if you need a kid to cry so you can take a picture and use it as political propoganda to attack George Bush...then by all means.

If a conservative photographer had used this sadistic technique to attack a Democrat president, liberals would be screaming from the rooftops about torture and demanding that the children be taken into protective custody.

Where's the outrage from the Left? You won't hear any because if you publically hate George W. Bush, then you can get away with pretty much anything.


Reid said...

And somebody calls this ART?

Oh well another thing I will not understand.

While I can see how a photograph is art ( a sunset in the desert, patterns, trees, animals, etc.) I cannot see how the mistreating of a baby can be considered anything but mean. I cannot condone these actions.

I can see where a soldier might be treated cruelly in a prison camp by guards; I can see where kids can be cruel to other kids; I can see where we could be cruel to Al Gore for his general stupidity; I cannot see or fathom, as a parent , how one can deliberately be this cruel to a small child. Parading this child around naked and intentionally forcing it to cry, and then getting off on the results - man those folks are just plain sick. Crawl back under your rocks and go away. Don't you wonder what Ansel Adams thinks about this.

Ed said...

Excellent take Reid.

Cruelty to Al Gore is certainly understandable and nobody should be impuned for such.

This story exposes a staggering lack of parenting instincts in liberals. Unbelievable!