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Tuesday, July 25, 2006

A rock and a hard place...

I would hate to have to make this decision...

Residents of a drought-stricken Australian town will vote this week on whether they're prepared to drink water recycled from sewage -- the first such scheme in the country and one of only a handful in the world.
The controversial proposal has divided the town of Toowoomba in the state of Queensland, which has faced water restrictions for a decade.

Local Mayor Dianne Thorley, who is leading the "Yes" campaign, said that without drought-breaking rains the town's dams could dry up within two years.
She insisted the 73 million dollar (US 55 million dollar) plan to pump purified wastewater back into the main reservoir for drinking was safe.
"Somewhere, sometime we have got to stand up and change the way we are doing things," she told AFP as the town prepared for the July 29 referendum.
"Otherwise our great grandchildren are going to be living in something like the Sahara desert."

So, this is the state of the human condition...being reduced to consuming our own waste to survive a catastrophic drought. If only Bush had signed Kyoto.


Joe Camel said...

I am sure that the peril of these poor Australians rests on George Bush's shoulders. I can only see that if he had done something sooner, this wouldn't have been a problem. HAHAHAHA

What is wrong with this picture. Water restrictive conditions for 10 years, why did they wait so long to do something,, anything?
Purifed waste water sounds a lot better than nothing, however it seems that on the practical side we can think back to the late Sam Kennison and his advise to the starving Africans. " Food doesn't grow in the desert. Move to where the F@#$%%$# grass and water are."
Alas, some people would rather fight than switch. Is this anywhere near Walkabout Creek? Now we know how it got its name.

Reid said...

Patches O'hoolihan must have lived there, 'cause he drank his own urine - only cause he liked to!
(Dodge ball The Movie)

Ed said...

This sounds like a prime economic opportunity for some young entrepreneur. Invent, market, and distribute personal, household urine purification filtration units to drought-stricken communities in Australia.

I can imagine the promotional slogan for the PUPU(personal urine purification unit)..."At least you would be drinking your own filtered urine and not the whole town's."

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