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Thursday, July 27, 2006

Hate mail

So I got this delightful comment from a reader who calls him/herself joe mama jihad concerning the possibility that Floyd Landis took testosterone prior to stage 17 of the Tour de France and specifically my post last week about it. Not sure what joe mama jihad means but here it is...

Ed; No comment now that your hero is a testosterone injector. Cheaters ! This is why the Muslims hate you.

This is my reply:

If it turns out to be true that injected steroids explains Landis' otherwise heroic ride on stage 17, then nobody will be more disappointed than me.

That being said, cheating in a bike race in no way rises to the level of the slaughtering of civilians or hiding like sissy, gutless weasels behind the skirts of women while sniping, like pantywaste vermin, at the enemy. Seriously, are these the Muslims with whom you empathize?

The jihadists don't hate us because we cheat...they hate us because we aren't Muslim, but are rich, successful Christians, infanitely more powerful than them. And you are a pansy, terrorist-sympathizer for suggesting that it's for any other reason.

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