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Socialist Party presidential candidate Norman Thomas

Wednesday, July 19, 2006


No doubt the enviro-knuckleheads will find a way to blame this on pollution and the Bush administration for not signing the disastrous and idiotic Kyoto Protocol. Or better yet, they'll claim it's absolute proof of evolution...

A fish caught in Lubbock, Texas, with teeth that look like they belong to a human has baffled wildlife officials in the area, according to a report.

Fisherman Scott Curry reeled in the 20-pound fish on Buffalo Springs Lake and immediately noticed the catch had human-like teeth. A game warden photographed the fish and is attempting to identify it.

General Manager of Buffalo Springs Lake Greg Thornton told KLBK13-TV in Texas that he has never seen anything like the fish in the 36 years he has lived near the lake.

In related news, officials also announced they've received reports of a man-like creature exhibiting a human-like personality promoting the pseudo-documentary An Inconvenient Truth.


Joe Camel said...

It appears that our greatest fears are now being materialized - Ross Perot has been mating with fish. Just wait til the fish with big ears gets caught.

Razorboy said...

Looks like a good cleaning and treatment for a disgusting case of advanced gingivitis is in order for this fish.

Question: if you were starving, could you clean and eat a fish that had homeless-guy teeth and reeked of MD20/20?

Follow up question: Do you think there is such a think as homeless fish, and does homelessness necessarily cause advanced dental decay in humans? How about in fish?

Reid said...

If only his insurance would cover the visit.

Dupree said...

See, as an indigent fish, he is entitled to dental care at tax-payer's expense. Any homeless bum can attest to that...why bother to work and have insurance when you can play the system and have other Americans pay for it? After all, Rev. Sharpton always says that people have stepped on your back to get what they have...they owe you free stuff...even if you're a fish.

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