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Thursday, February 18, 2016

Trump schools the Pope

Heh heh, the Pope gets his holy jock handed to him by Trump.
Trump didn't appreciate being chastised by the Blessed Father of Silly Hats for his wall idea for Mexico.
Trump basically said, Hey pot meet kettle, that's a pretty big wall you have to keep undesirables out of the Vatican, and when ISIS comes knocking you'll be glad I'm a president who'll save you.
Heh heh heh, owned!

If you are Catholic and are offended by this post, get over yourself. 


Bill said...

I am not a Roman Catholic, but think - no, I know - the media have misrepresented this whole thing. The Pope was told by a reporter what Trump's position is (in the reporters words) and the Pope gave a generalized answer. The Pope, IMO, went too far and should have just said "I don't comment on countries' politics."

Blast-from-the-past said...

I'm a neurotic Jew boy, yet I concur with Bill. I understand Pope Frances was just plainly stating the Christian doctrine of building bridges - not walls. The Pope's statement was not intended as an affront to Trump. Trump simply seized the opportunity to generate and capitalize on controversy in order to whip folks into a frenzy. He is a master of such demagoguery. Regarding the Vatican walls, this Pope was not alive during the construction. Well, that's my two-cents worth. Peace, bro'.