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Monday, February 01, 2016

Germany tolerates Muslim savages

So we've covered the disdain the Islamic world evidently has for dental hygiene, today we'll expose their cultural propensity for sexual assault. As "refugees" from Syria, Somalia, and other Islamic countries, colonize Europe, the rate of sexual assault, rapes, and other forms of assorted, unwanted sexual aggression has gone up concomitantly on the streets in broad daylight and even at public pools.

Bizarrely, the European leaders seem unwilling to judge it as wrong or even speak out against the misogynists, citing cultural equivalence to justify it and host-citizen intolerance as the problem, rather than calling the hostile Muslim invaders what they are, devolved savages.

The Quisling German government is handing out idiotic cartoons that show the Muslim barbarians that groping women at public pools is frowned upon, as if they are unaware of this universal truth.

Rather than the stupid circle with a slash, they should show a hand holding a Ruger against the temple of a Muslim who's got his hand on a German girl's ass. They would better understand that message.

Where are the German men to protect their women? I'd like to think that it is still the case in the US that if Muslims went around in gangs raping and fondling our women, there'd be some Muslim men taking dirt naps.


Bill said...

Ruger would be good, but being Germany, I suggest a nice H & K.

Ed said...

Yeah, I should have thought of that.

ryan said...

Just swap that R for an L

Ed said...

You know what Ryan, that's the gun I was thinking of. I got confused. Thanks for the correction.