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Monday, February 08, 2016

Muslim invaders learn a painful lesson in Russia

So Norway kicked out about 50 Muslim "refugees" for behaving badly toward their women. So what's a horde of savages to do for shits and giggles? They decided to give the nearby Russian town of Murmansk a look see.

Apparently the "refugees" attacked some Russian women in the pub district one night by violently groping and sexually molesting them.....as we know Muslim men in gangs are wont to do.

Bad idea!

Because Russian men, having not succumbed to moonbattery via political correctness, and caring about their culture and women, they gave the Islamic rabble a well-deserved Rodney King beating, hospitalizing 18 of them. Reportedly, even the Russian cops got in a few punches before arresting 33.

The Muslim invaders learned the hard way that Russia isn't Germany, France, the Netherlands, Norway, or Sweden.

And this is why after Europe has died from multiculturalism, liberalism, and white guilt, Russia will still be standing.


Bill said...

Was vodka involved?

Ed said...

I'm sure the Russians had some on board, not sure if the "refugees" were imbibing.

Bill said...

Not much is Russia doesn't involve vodka.