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Tuesday, February 23, 2016

Apple vs FBI

Ok so these are my thoughts on Apple-vs-FBI:

1: under no circumstances should Tim Cook allow his staff to be conscripted into working for the feds, by being forced to create software that can break into iPhones, especially if the feds will be watching, and especially if they want the software afterwards. The government cannot force anybody to work for them, no matter how many "ticking time bombs" they pretend are in there, period!

2: having said everything in #1, Apple should take the phone into a locked room across the hall from the feds, gain access to the 18 minutes of deleted documents, call history, and assorted information, put it all on a flash drive and give the flash drive only, to the feds. Then Apple can destroy the phone.

Nobody gets compromised and the feds get the information they want. Unless the feds want the phone back to reverse engineer the hack or won't hand it over to Apple for private access, then I don't see why this is such a problem.

If Tim Cook sticks to his guns, and he probably will, the Apple appeal of the ruling should make it to the supreme court maybe next year. Should be quite interesting.


Bill said...

I agree with your solution, Ed.

That said, I asked an IT dept. guy who shares a row of lockers with me in the rec center about this very solution today. He said, "it's more complicated." For whatever that's worth.

Ed said...

I don't see how it's more complicated, I mean necessarily. Why can't it be that simple? I'm betting the gub'ment doesn't want to give up the phone AND they want to know how the hack is done.....in case they get a warrant to search my phone because I'm such an unapologetic critic.

Bill said...

I guess Apple is thinking they don't want to admit that it's possible, for fear of the "slippery slope" especially with the ChiComs.

Ed said...

I guess I thought that horse had already left the barn. Everybody knows it's possible I think.

Blast-from-the-past said...

Ed, I completely agree with your assessment and proposed resolution on Apple. Good job!