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Socialist Party presidential candidate Norman Thomas

Wednesday, January 07, 2015

Where are the Crusades when you need them?

In the 1000's-1200's, when you wanted to get rid of dirty, bothersome, murderous Muslims, you staged a crusade. This is the only thing that will rid France today of the scourge of hostile Muslim welfare colonists.....the 8th Crusade, that is depending on whether you believe Frederick II's crusade was two distinct campaigns instead of one, then this would be the 9th Crusade, but the point of this post wasn't to wander into the deep weeds of historical minutiae.


Bill said...

Eisenhower famously called Operation Overlord " the Great Crusade" in his letter to the troops. Less than 60 years later, Geo W. Bush unwisely refrained from using this term after initially doing so after 9/11/01. Sad.

Isaac A. Nussbaum said...

What is sad is what the U.S. did ... and is doing ... to Afghanistan et al (to say nothing of what it is doing to the American people) using the specious justification of 9/11.

Ed said...

Re: Afghanistan, it a shithole of primitive nothingness and drug addled nomads. To think we could eradicate the Taliban and turn them toward the light is sheer lunacy. All we've done is waste a lot of blood and treasure there and 5 years from now, it all will have been for nothing.

Now, as far as 9/11 being used as a justification for something domestically, all I can guess is it's the Patriot Act to which you refer. I fear the government being in possession of such power turned inward and arrayed against the citizenry. I think a lot of the warrant-less wiretap stuff and other surveillance stuff is probably unnecessary and unconstitutional. It also gives the executive way too much self-assigned power when he deems there to be a national emergency.

But if you object to another series of crusades, then I hope you aren't the first one to have your head chopped off when you refuse dhimmitude.