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Friday, January 23, 2015

The US Senate makes a joke of itself

Yesterday the Senate voted 98-1 to affirm that the man-made global-warming hoax, was not a hoax, despite it not getting any warmer outside for almost 20 years. This was merely a statement vote and no action will be taken, for now, however, it does open the door for them to restrict our liberties and change our way of life if they decide it's for the best interests of the environment and us little people.

I didn't realize the Senate had so much scientific authority and omniscience. I eagerly await their affirmation of String Theory, the existence of dark matter, and which is better, original Oreo's or double stuffed.

Since they assume the authority to declare the global-warming hoax to not be a hoax, perhaps while they're at it, they can declare the preposterous, affirmative-action presidency of Barack Obama to not be a laughable farce.

When Al Gore heard the good news about his global-warming hoax, not being a hoax, his first Chakra released involuntarily.......and no hotel masseuses were molested this time.


Bill said...

My understanding is that the 98-1 vote was whether "climate change" is real. Since the climate has been constantly changing for the 4+ billion year history of Earth, this isn't even controversial. The Senate failed to approve an amendment blaming the change on human activities. The alarmist like to use "climate change" as shorthand for anthropogenic catastrophic climate change, but we shouldn't concede that point to them.

Ed said...

Whenever government uses the term "climate change" we can be certain it's code for man-made global warming. They just use the CC term so that no matter what the weather does, they can blame it on the activities of man.

That republicans would even pretend to be on the side of the hoax believers is appalling.

Bill said...

They can't vote on record saying there's no climate change, Ed. It would be absurd! They don't agree with the shorthand for human caused, and voted that down. The Dems are allowed to submit amendments, and they submitted one. Reid didn't allow amendments, and McConnell is trying to restore some dignity.

Climate change is natural and continuous. The ice ages were climate change.

Ed said...

That's been my point all along, the climate naturally changes and it has more to do with the sun than anything else.

What's the point of wasting time on voting about something so self-evident. They may as well vote affirming gravity as one of the four natural forces.

I predict that based on this, the Senate at some point will approve some sort of cap and trade scheme, will ratify the next international climate change treaty or will pledge to reduce, by force if necessary, the emissions of the US. They didn't do this for shits and giggles.

David said...

You have a knack for photo selection.

ryan said...

Double stuffed Oreos ARE better than original. That's just science.

Ed said...

I beg to differ Ryan. The ratio of "stuff" to cookie is too high. I prefer the ratio found in original Oreo's. But that's just me.

David said...

Yes, regular Oreos are perfect.