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Friday, January 09, 2015

The American media are gutless cowards

This pretty much sums up the groveling, dhimmi media in the US, only there's one network missing....FoxNews.
On the morning of the attack, Fox showed the cover of "Charlie Hebdo" that supposedly provoked the massacre, but has since, conspicuously not shown any images of Muhammad. And last night on Greta, she bravely stated that all media outlets should stand together in support of a free press and show the images, but then she didn't show a single image.....not so brave after all, eh Greta?
Even if our media outlets wouldn't have otherwise shown these cartoons, the massacre in Paris compels them to now publish the cartoons to prove that terrorism doesn't work and that the press cannot be intimidated by threats of violence. To NOT show the harmless cartoons is to grant the terrorists a complete victory and validate the cold-blooded murders.


Bill said...

The far left cartoonist for the AJC claims to be in solidarity with the victims. He did a cartoon taking off on French Revolutionary art (not very good, IMO). One thing he will never do - and the AJC would never publish - is a parody of Muhammed.

By the way, their reviewer just loved the play poking fun at Mormons.

Ed said...

If you don't parody Muhammad, then you aren't really standing for a free press or in solidarity with the slain journalists. It's just rhetoric.

Bill said...

I listened to NPR's convoluted excuses this morning. It came down to something like, "If we show any of the cartoons, we have to show them all."

He finally admitted that fear was a factor. Gutless!

I bet they love the transgressive art in every other case.

Isaac A. Nussbaum said...

"...the massacre in Paris compels them to now publish the cartoons...."

Just out of curiosity, Ed, do you think the networks also ought to show the Charlie Hebdo cover portraying God, Jesus and the Holy Ghost butt-fucking each other?