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Friday, December 02, 2011

Use a cell phone during the movie? That's a choking.

Here's a story about a man in Seattle who got himself choked for using his cell phone in the movie theater. Go here and read the story. But the point is, I rarely go to movies anymore because there's always some moron, jerk, or group of kids who won't shut the hell up or stop texting or talking on their cell phones during the movie. I'm glad this guy got choked. He deserved it. I'd like to throttle people at movies who think they're the only people in the room and disregard entirely the basic rules of public behavior and decorum.

Other peoples' rudeness is the sole reason why if we go to a movie, it's a matinee' or late in the movie run where there are maybe 10 people at each show and we can sit far away from everybody.


David said...

At my mom's graveside service back in August someone was talking on a cellphone. I didn't notice as I was in the front row under the tent, etc. Thankfully one of my uniformed military buddies told the guy to get off the phone. Unbelievable.

Some people are just inconsiderate and/or stupid. They are the same ones driving 51mph in the left lane while talking on their cell phone. No one else matters and they clearly do not understand the responsibility required to drive a car.

BelchSpeak said...

I LOL'ed at the reaction of the man. After the fifth interruption, he snapped and tried to strangle the rude movie goer. Gads, if only I could get away with that.