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Socialist Party presidential candidate Norman Thomas

Tuesday, December 20, 2011

The Norks aren't fooling anybody

The Norks are staging public weeping displays so the world will think they cared for their room-temperature Dear Leader, Kim Jong-Il. In such a closed country where the consumption of literally every bit of information is carefully controlled for generations, you wonder if most Norks even know the Earth is round, the moon reflects sunlight, or Lindsay Lohan posed for Playboy.

I'm guessing since most North Koreans survive by eating grass like goats because there's no food, the promise by the government of a radish, a beet, or a couple of carrots would be enough to get them to cry on cue for the cameras.


david said...

Yes, I too find these displays unbelievable.

Ed said...

Greg Gutfeld likened them to cats whose crazy cat-lady benefactor had died. That's the only world they've ever known and they probablyl actually view KJI as a demigod and the sole source of anything good in their otherwise miserable lives.