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Monday, December 12, 2011

Begun, the drone wars have

Shouldn't we have blown this drone up by now?

From FoxNews -- Iran claims it is recovering data from downed stealth drone, while U.S. officials are concerned that the drone's secrets — such as its radar-deflecting paint — could be cracked.

I thought the standard procedure for downed aircraft which contain sensitive information-gathering or advanced design technology was to destroy it before the enemy can learn anything from it. Why haven't we blown this thing up yet? You know the Russians and red Chinese are there already paying who knows how many dinars for a thorough look-see.

The Russians can invent their own stuff, but we know the Chinese would rather steal our stuff and reverse engineer it than develop their own. Do we need Chinese drones flying over Hawaii, maybe Alaska, or being launched off their one pathetic carrier near our mainland? Do we need the Russians taking our technology, making fleets of drones, then selling them to our enemies?

Blow this thing up already! Who cares if a few dozen Iranians, Chinese, and Russians get blown up with it....so much the better.

Cookie bonus, from what movie was the title of this post paraphrased?


ryan said...

*Star Wars: Attack Of The Clones

Ed said...

Right you are Ryan. You get a cookie.

Isaac A. Nussbaum said...

@Ed "Who cares if a few dozen Iranians, Chinese, and Russians get blown up with it....so much the better."

Why, Ed? Do Iranian, Chinese and Russian lives have less value than American lives?

ryan said...

Issac, I would gladly trade dozens upon dozens of lives from a foreign land to save even one of my fellow countryman.

ryan said...

I get that the question was for Ed, but I couldn't help but chime in.

ed said...

Isaac, I was obviously being facetious....well mostly. If a Tomahawk were to blow up the building that housed the drone and some people got killed, I wouldn't lose any sleep over it. That's the risk you run by being Iranian, Chinese, or Russian. I wouldn't expect an attack from them if we captured one of their "spy" planes....hahahaha....because they'd know that we could learn absolutely nothing from it. In all liklihood it would have been technology stolen from us anyway.

I mean just in case you were thinking of making the shoe-on-the-other-foot argument.

Isaac A. Nussbaum said...

@Ryan "I would gladly trade dozens upon dozens of lives...."

Of that I have no doubt, you and several hundred million other warmongers in just about every nation of the world.

Thus, war after war after war, ad nauseam.

Ed said...

Isaac, are you a Ron Paul isolationist? Do you really believe we can exist in our own American bubble, unfazed by goings-on in other parts of the world? At what point are we compelled to act as policemen to the world?
-Bosnian ethnic cleansing?
-Tribal slaughter in any number of African countries?
-terrorist operations in Afghanistan
-chemical slaughter of Kurds in Iraq

Is nothing worth fighting for to you? I'm not saying we should intervene everywhere there's trouble, but once in a while those who can act, must act, no?

Isaac A. Nussbaum said...

@Ed "Isaac, are you a Ron Paul isolationist?"

Good grief! How tragically uninformed (or misinformed) must a man be to call Ron Paul an isolationist?