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Friday, August 11, 2006

Touch the shell...you die!

I know this isn't supposed to be a funny story but it sort of is...

A graduate student from the University of Central Florida is missing after he was pulled underwater by a large sea turtle, according to Local 6 News.
Officials said the man vanished Thursday afternoon about three miles north of the Sebastian Inlet and 400 yards out to sea, sheriff's officials said.
The student was apparently tagging turtles as part of a UCF research project.

"The person was onboard a Boston Whaler with other students when a large turtle pulled the victim underwater," Local 6's Bob Frier said.

I would be interested in hearing the eyewitness account of how a slow-swimming, 700lb sea-turtle leapt out of the ocean, grabbed a man with his what...beak, and dragged him into the water. That turtle doesn't need to be tagged...he needs to be in the circus.

With all the Gore-esque efforts to Save the Turtles, Save the Whales, Save the Three-Finned, Speckled Ridge Newt, how many times would you imagine any single turtle(they live like 120 years) has been captured and tagged?

I'll bet this turtle had had enough of the tagging and said to itself, "Self, if this idiot college student tries to stick that stupid box on my shell for the umpteenth time, I swear, I'll drag him to the bottom of the ocean and let the phytoplankton feast on him".

If idiot-Al would stop flying all over the world in his ozone-destroying Leer jet telling everyone to stop destroying the ozone, I'm quite sure the turtles, whales, and newts will be just fine.


Joe Camel said...

I believe that this turtle should be hunted down and disposed of. It is apparent that it was planted here by the muslim terrorists. The sea turtle was converted to Islam from its natural religion ( turtyrian). We cannot stand foor it to mate and create other suicide turtles - taking it upon themselves to destroy the central Florida coast and estuary's.

Ed said...

It wouldn't surprise me if they decided to dispose of the turtle...that is if they can find him.

Anytime a stupid human wanders into the wilderness, including oceans, and a wild animal eats him, the authorities are always surprised. Why?

If you are too stupid not to get eaten by a wild animal, and that includes sea turtles, then you deserve to be eaten and I have absolutely no sympathy for you.

Now, if a grizzly bear comes into your suburban back yard and eats your children, then I am in agreement with killing it.

There is an understanding between wild animals and humans: if you stay out of our backyards, we will not shoot you -- if you catch us in your forests, you may eat us without being hunted down.

If an otherwise protected animal comes to my house to eat me, I should be able to kill him without being punished for killing a protected species. Likewise, if I go into the woods and a bear eats me for lunch, he should not be hunted down and punished for doing what bears do.