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Thursday, April 13, 2006

This is disgusting!

This is disgusting! – (CBS)

Woman Sues Hotel After Suffering 500 Bed Bug Bites

All I can say is…YIKES!!!

A Chicago woman is suing a hotel for $20 million after waking up one morning with more than 500 bed bug bites.

I think reading this story will turn out to have been a watershed event in my life. When Neil Armstrong walked on the moon, I believe that’s the day I became a science geek. The day I discovered Jif tastes more like fresh peanuts is the last day I ate Peter Pan. After today, I can never sleep in a hotel again without thoroughly checking the sheets and I’ll probably start taking my own pillow.

Leslie Fox, 54, awoke to find red, itchy welts all over her body. “I had no idea what was happening to me. We noticed blood on the bed and I became very upset and alarmed.”

Ya think? Let’s see, you wake up and your skin is on fire, your bed looks like somebody slaughtered a goat in it, you look under the thin hotel sheets and there is an undulating mass of thousands of sucking bugs directly beneath where you slept, and you’re 5 minutes late for the Continental breakfast in the lobby. I don’t think upset and alarmed would adequately describe my state of mind. (I’m about to hop in bed right now and it’s freaking me out!) Then this cracked me up:

When the couple reported to hotel officials that their room was infested, the officials offered two free nights.

“Wow, two free nights! I got my blood mostly sucked out by a churning colony of bed ticks and for that I get two free nights, in this same hotel? Throw in a couple of pay-per-view movies and that about makes us even.” Do you think those hotel officials still have jobs?

I hate to have to say it, but all the therapy $20 million can buy will not make the nightmares go away.

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