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Socialist Party presidential candidate Norman Thomas

Monday, March 07, 2016

GOP contemplates the unthinkable

This weekend Mitt Romney wouldn't rule out another run for the presidency "if the party drafted him" at the convention. Apparently if Trump wins the nomination with delegates, there's talk of a self-mutiny by which the desperate party leaders will throw out his candidacy and "draft" Romney to run against Hillary instead.

If something that bizarre happens, the GOP will be a dead party. Voters by the millions will walk out on that feckless party.

I'm not a Trump supporter, but then I'm not in the "anybody but Trump" scorched-Earth group either. And I can't say that I'd show up to vote for Romney again if the GOP installs him as the nominee over the objections of the base.

I abandoned the GOP back in 2006-7 when the bank and car-company bailouts took place, I'm certainly not going out of my way to obediently pull the handle for a milquetoast schlub like Romney.


Bill said...

I watched Romney on FNS. He did everything but issue a Shermanesque statement. (Chris bizarrely referred to a "George" Tecumseh Sherman).

Sometimes one must vote as a patriot, not as a human being who gets angry. I am an "Anyone but T-rump" in the GOP, but would tearfully vote for him to keep Hillary, Bernie, or Crazy Joe out.

Ed said...

You guys in Georgia have to get out and vote R, I hear Hillary's campaign has targeted Ga as a possible "purple" state.....must be the city's reputation for being hip/hop Mecca that brings in the blue-voting undesirables. Heh heh.

Ed said...

I think if Romney ends up the GOP candidate, it'll be as good as handing Hillary the presidency on a silver platter and the GOP will be a moribund political party for a generation. Which would be good for me because maybe they'll all come over to the Libertarian world view. :-)

Bill said...

I'm not sure our country could survive that. Supreme Court gone, 1st and 2nd Amendments gone. Putin on a rampage.

Hillary is the most beatable Dem in a long time. But we could blow it.

The Dems thought Ga was going there way in 2014. Not even close!

Bill said...

Their way!

Ed said...

Our only salvation, given that the GOP will blow it regardless of if it's Trump or Cruz, is an indictment of Hillary.

Bill said...

I disagree. The media is saving a carpet bombing campaign on Trump. Cruz has a much cleaner record, not that they won't try.

If H isn't indicted, there may be a revolt in the FBI with leaks out the wazoo.

Isaac A. Nussbaum said...

"Sometimes one must vote as a patriot...."

I can't bring myself to help select a spokesperson for the criminal enterprise that is government. That would make me an accessory to the enterprises many crimes (theft, murder, extortion, counterfeiting). I view myself as a patriot precisely because I DON'T vote.

Ed said...

I don't think you're the only one who holds that sentiment, Isaac. I'm certainly not enthusiastic about voting and I'm certainly tired of voting AGAINST one person rather than voting FOR somebody.