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Sunday, March 27, 2016

Ed's first-world problem #1,284

The list of problems associated with living in a first-world country has been well documented. I've discovered a new one and it has a name......"port rage", that raving fury you get when you try in vain to locate and match up all the charging and data cables with the devices to which they belong.
I have cables belonging to iPhone, Kindle, iPhone charging stick, iHome speaker, Chromebook, ext. hard-drive, and one or two others. They're all black with USB on one end and very similar ports on the other.
I'm going to get one of these charging stations and leave all cables plugged into it rather than stuffing them in a drawer. Does anybody have a recommendation for an useful universal charging station like this one?
Exit question: (naive because I know the answer) but if the tech exists to have wireless charging like we have wireless data, why doesn't every device feature both with universal compatibility among them?


ryan said...

Because if they did that, Apple couldn't charge $15 for a new cable.

Ed said...

Right you are, Ryan. There's too much money to be made in after-market peripherals, that would all go away with universal compatibility. Bastards!