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Monday, October 10, 2011

Is Mitt Romney's religion an issue?

This is how Newsweek treated Mitt Romney and his Mormon faith in 2008 when he ran for President...

We wonder if the media will suddenly decide to damage him again with this if he gets the GOP nomination.

First, the question is, should the religion of presidential candidates matter? My answer is that is matters only if there is a decided and historical lack of morality and good judgement associated with it. Would I vote for a guy who called himself a Pagan, drank human blood, and sacrificed goats in ritual sacrifices? Probably not, but Mormonism is rooted in the same moral principles as other faiths....stricter even.

Second, do we elect Presidents to be our spiritual leaders? Of course not. So why does it matter what he and his family believe so long as he can competently do the job? You single-issue voting, southern evangelicals who think that a man is unqualified for President if he doesn't believe exactly the way you do are backward, self-defeating morons.

Lastly, I would assume that after Americans elected Obama even after we learned that he sat for 20 years in Rev. Wright's congregation, listening to the vile, racist, black-liberation theology that Wright preached, religion would pretty much be off the table as an election issue. That won't be the case if Romney gets the nomination. The media will ridicule his religious beliefs for months if they think it'll help re-elect The One.

Don't foolishly let yourself be sidetracked by the media's obsession with Mormonism. Our Presidents aren't our priests, shamans, mystic guides, Bodhisattva's, or counselors. We elect them to keep us safe and to provide an economic environment in which we can pursue happiness, nothing more. I'm getting tired of camera-loving, "Christian" preachers pretending to the media that it matters what faith a candidate practices. It doesn't.


Bill said...

This reminds me of watching a piece about the Broadway play about Mormons by the "South Park" creators that mocks the denomination relentlessly - Ha, ha!

Asked if there was anything they wouldn't mock, they denied it. The reporter completely forgot to ask them about Islam. Just an oversight, no doubt.

Ed said...

I think Matt and Trey had several episodes in which Mohammad was featured prominently, but Comedy Central put the kibash on them in order to avoid the violence that Muslims threatened if they aired. CC likes to think they are brave and edgy for airing SouthPark, but they are cowards for giving in to outrageous demands of irate Muslims. One of the episodes did air but Mohammad had a black censor box coving him in every scene. Matt and Trey did that just to make a point about how ridiculous the image-of-Mohammad "rule" is.

Isaac A. Nussbaum said...

We elect them to keep us safe and to provide an economic environment in which we can pursue happiness, nothing more.

Well said; all very sound reasons to elect someone other than Mitt Romney.

Ed said...

Yes Isaac, this wasn't meant to be an endorsement of Romney. I just don't think his religion should be an issue either way. I don't care if a man is religious, agnostic, or atheist as long as he's got the economic and security interests of the US as priorities. Obama does not and Romney may not.

Bill said...

BTW, that cover is from THIS year.

www.muebles3d.es said...

So, I don't actually suppose it will have effect.