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Monday, November 26, 2007

What's in Ed's CD player this week?

I know you're sitting out there frittering away your employer's valuable time reading TRR, and in addition to wondering, "How long before the boss fires me?", you're also probably wondering, "What's that Ed listening to these days?"

Well I'm glad you asked. Here's the eclectic mix to which I've been jamming today...

Meat Puppets...Too High To Die

Expanding Man...Head to the Ground

David Sanborn...Upfront

The Cure...The Cure

Tom Petty...Wildflowers

The Jayhawks...Tomorrow the Green Grass

Semisonic...Great Divide


Kevin said...

For me:

Iron Maiden...Paschendale

Iron Maiden...Run to the Hills

Smashing Pumpkins...Cherub Rock

Rage Against the Machine...Bulls on Parade

Rush...By-Tor & the Snow Dog

The Who...The Seeker

ed said...

Kevin, out there busting the classic metal and hard rock. Way to go!

freedom2learn said...

on my ipod....

Dierks Bentley
Elvis - yes, for real

Kevin said...

And I really like Do you Feel Like I do? by Peter Frampton. That guy was a genius with the guitar.