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Socialist Party presidential candidate Norman Thomas

Thursday, August 30, 2007

It's Ann Coulter Thursday!

This week Ann gives us a glimpse of what the AG office might look like if Hillary gets elected POTUS.....real scary! She reminds us of what a utter disaster of an attorney general and Clinton lickspittle Janet Reno was and how we can expect 8 more years of the same. Go here and read it for yourself.


L. Green, AK said...

Good grief. Coulter seems to have lost it completely. Making a 'list' like this one is so childish you should think it was the work of a non-English speaking, illitterate illegal Mexican immigrant .

Let's see how stupid we can be, shall we:

Number of terror attacks on US soil under Clinton: 0
Number of terror attacks on US soil under Bush: 4

Number of Twin Towers destroyed under Clinton: 0
Number of Twin Towers destroyed under Bush: 2

Number of US soldiers killed in Iraq under Clinton: 0
Number of US soldiers killed in Iraq under Bush: 0ver 3000 (and counting)

You get the picture, but just to rub the stupidity in:

Number of Enron collapses...
Number of Katrina disasters...
Number of Mississippi River bridge collapses...
Number of illegal immigrants...
etc. etc.

My 4 year old daughter could make 100s of these if I asked her (she's too bright to come up with such redicolous things by herself).

Please, Coulter - retire or something. For your own sake. You've become a parody.

ed said...

Or for fairness, how 'bout this?

# of senior citizens cheated out of their retirement through phoney baloney land deals under Bush-0, Clintons-thousands

# of terrorists masterminds capable of pulling off 9/11 allowed to operate unhindered under Bush-0, Clintons-1

# of America-hating terrorists rightfully killed under Bush-thousands, Clintons-0

# of women raped, molested, or abused under Bush-0, Clintons-6 that we know of and probably dozens that we don't

Are you starting to get the picture? Bush isn't perfect and I'm no fan, but the Clintons bear more responsibility for 9/11 than anybody. They were the most corrupt, crooked, lying, U.N.-lickspittles to disgrace the Whitehouse and that's saying somehting considering Jimmy "the dhimmi" Carter used to live there.

David said...

There's that Adam's apple again.

Ed said...

On extra-skinny women, the hyoid cartilage of the larynx tends to protrude, resembling an Adam's apple. Look at the pic of Keira Knightly above, she's got it too.

L. Green, AK said...

Ed, I wasn't talking about Clinton, Bush or fairness - I was talking about the sad decline of Ann Coulter.

Your own list shows my point exactly - comaparisons like this are just silly. They're no even funny.

Joe Camel said...

Women raped, molested, and abused under Clinton? Nuff Said. By the way that is funny.

Kevin said...

Her lists aren't invalid at all. In fact they prove just the point she wants them to prove, that the person who will supposedly be elected attorney general by Hillary Clinton if elected, will make poor decisions. Why will she make poor decisions? How do we come to that conclusion? How does anyone come to any conclusions? Through facts, and the facts show that Reno is a poor decision maker, or radical decision maker, however you view it. But Green your lists don't make much sense because what your lists show are events that happened during someones term in office, and don't reflect what they did in office, and if you dont know what i mean by that compare your list to Ed's. And Ed, 9/11 is definately a result of Clinton's doings, or rather nondoings. If Clinton hadn't been a puss and pulled out of the Gulf War, there might have been a more prosperous and serene time there in the late nineties and early 2000's. Also some of the world's most heinous criminals might have been stopped before they had the chance to do what they did.

Ed said...

l. green, I realize you were criticizing Ann, but your list was specifically anti-Bush. If all you were doing was showing how silly lists are, then why that particular list?

I assumed you were expressing a defensiveness of the Clinton administration since Ann's lists were specifically critical of it.

And, with a Hillary administration looming ominously, the comparisons will undoubtedly be made between Clinton and Bush. We may as well start it now.

L. Green, AK said...

Ed, I was of course making that particular (opposite) list to prove my point.

I'm not a Bush-hater (don't adore him, though). I'm just getting sooo tired of Coulter's imbecility.

ed said...

She can be a little over the top sometimes but on balance I'll give her a pass since she's one of the only people willing to actually put in print what the rest of us are thinking...that is...liberals want what's worst for this country and they are bad Americans. Nobody else points out that fact.