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Wednesday, May 03, 2006

Some people just need killing!


Police: Neighbor planned to eat slain Okla. girl
Man held in 10-year-old's death allegedly fantasized about cannibalism.

Everybody's probably already heard all the details of this crime, so they won't be included in this space because they are so nauseating.

Obviously the prosecutor will seek 1st degree murder charges and the death penalty against this animal. Sadly however, as we've come to expect, it generally takes the state 10-15 years on average to actually kill these guys on death row. Opponents of the death penalty say that it does not constitute a deterrent to crime. They are probably right since the life expectancy for violent criminals on the street is probably less than 20 years anyway, but what if the State could fast-track these cases and dispose of them one way or the other within 1 year?

I will bet that if this guy, assuming he's found guilty, is very publicly put to death within a year of committing this act, it would constitute a significant deterrent to others who might be contemplating such a crime. His actual execution wouldn't have to be broadcast on air, but they could certainly make a public example of his execution being swift.

Each state which has the death penalty could set up a court consisting of a panel of 3 judges who would do nothing but hear all death penalty appeals. No whining liberals could complain that due process wasn't observed.

Here are a few of the benefits as I see it:

  • The families of the victims get to see justice swiftly meted out and can get on with the closure process rather than attend appeal hearings for years, forced to relive the pain and loss over and over.
  • The tax payers aren't forced to spend millions endlessly prosecuting, housing, feeding these human animals. (This benefit alone makes swift executions worthwhile to me)
  • After a year or two of these sickos being put down, other would-be murderers will begin to understand that if they committ these acts, they too will be killed within the year. That has to be a deterent, at least for some of them. Others are so crazy, it won't matter but it'll cause some percetage of killers to think twice.

If there was ever a poster-boy for swift capitol punishment it is this guy.


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