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Friday, May 26, 2006

I think I just heaved!

WASHINGTON (AP) - More than three years after sending their troops to invade Iraq, President Bush and British Prime Minister Tony Blair cannot escape questions about their decision to go to war even as they acknowledge far-reaching mistakes.

The president said, he learned not to use so much "tough talk" - saying Osama bin Laden was wanted "dead or alive" and challenging America's enemies to "bring it on."
"I learned some lessons about expressing myself maybe in a little more sophisticated manner, you know," Bush said softly.


I like the tough talking President. We need straightforward, undiplomatic, tough talk...it's the only thing the terrorists understand. And why in the world does Bush ever think he can get the main stream media to like him by pretending to be touchy-feely and kinder and gentler? They never will...period!

Bush is wildly popular with the conservative base, or used to be, precisely because he is not diplomatic or sophisticated.

Bush also said that he thought we were continuing to pay a price for Abu Ghraib. Besides the ridiculously incessant hammering by the liberal media jackals over it, what price are we paying? Does he actually think, as Liberals do, that the same guys who sawed off the heads of live American hostages, got their feelings hurt about Abu Ghraib and want to kill us more now? Earth to George...THEY'RE CRAZY TERRORISTS....they already want to kill us. Seriously, what difference does it make what they're mad at George? Only bed-wetting, nose-picking Liberals worry about offending the terrorists with tough talk. He's beginning to sound...dare I say it...European...blech!!!

Buck up, talk to the American people the way you did at ground zero. Continue calling the terrorists what they are, not freedom fighters, or insurgents, or local resistance or whatever the diplomatic, sophisticated label du jour is, and quit trying to curry favor with a press corps who despise you and will never be anything other than hostile.

"Express myself in a more sophisiticated manner", give me a break!

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