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Socialist Party presidential candidate Norman Thomas

Thursday, December 28, 2017

Drill baby, drill!

As part of the tax-reform bill, ANWR will finally be opened to drilling, much to the collective horror of nutbag environmentalists.
Hey morons, look at this map. Only a tiny fraction of a fraction of ANWR will be drilled and by rigs with tiny footprints. And it's not the pristine inner wilderness with flowery meadows, waterfalls, and unicorns that will be drilled. It's the barren, northern coastal plains which are wastelands most of the year anyway. The caribou migrate through there with the polar bears chasing them, but the won't pay any attention to the little oil rig, they'll just trot happily around it.
Besides, this polar bear in the picture and the massive herd of caribou don't seem too bothered by the drilling rig in the distance and neither should you be.

Drill baby, drill!!!

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