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Tuesday, February 21, 2017

I was right about Bill Gates being wrong

I caught a lot of criticism for saying that Bill Gates doesn't understand basic economics if he believes that robots should be taxed as "workers" because the loss of revenue to the government they represent is bad for the country.

Peter Schiff is a financial broker, analyst, and CEO. He sums up the inanity of Bill Gates perfectly........

"It's amazing how someone this smart can be so dumb! How many people directly lost their jobs due to computers? Robots are just more functi...onal computers. If the government had imposed large taxes on PCs and software its probable that no one would even know who Bill Gates is. All labor saving devices take people's jobs by definition. Does Gates believe all tools and equipment should be taxed, with the goal of making sure all work is done entirely by hand? If so, it's a good thing there was no stone age Bill Gates advising the cavemen." - Peter Schiff


david said...

I don't understand the concept of taxing a robot.

Ed said...

Gates thinks that as more and more workers are replaced by robots, the government will suffer revenue shortages. He thinks it would be productive if the government taxed all robots "who" displaced human workers, and used that revenue to pay out-of-work people to spend time with the elderly, befriend homeless, be nice to one another.....as a day job I guess is his thinking.

It makes no sense to me either, but that's my understanding of his thinking.