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Socialist Party presidential candidate Norman Thomas

Saturday, January 21, 2017

Lacking anything relevant to say, media point out crowd size

The media are experiencing what is known as "collective existential angst"....... the foreboding feeling that the failure to achieve a goal exposes the group to questions of relevance and purpose. They can't believe they failed to install Hillary as President they way they did Obama. Or more accurately they can't believe the unsophisticated, unwashed American people didn't vote they way we were told to by them.
Because they are petty, small crybabies, the media delighted yesterday in pointing out how Obama's inaugural crowds were bigger than Trump's, as if that fact is somehow universally meaningful and vindicates them(the media) in not choosing Trump.
Here are the reasons the crowds were big for Obama but not Trump:
1: the threat of violence from despicable, Trump-hating, democrat vermin probably kept some people away.
2: local protests(89 protest permits were issued to Trump-haters for yesterday) prevented or at least dissuaded people from attending.
3: Unlike Obama/Hillary voters, Trump supporters tend to have job responsibilities that come before a road-trip to DC. Somebody has to work, after all, who's going to pay for Obama voters' idle, leisurely lives of parade watching?

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