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Wednesday, August 03, 2016

Obama to Iran, "Bite me"......heh heh just kidding

If he is not a secret Iran sympathizer, over the interests of the US, why would Obama settle a $1.7 Billion dispute from 1979 with the world's leading exporter of terrorism?
Clearly in exchange for releasing 4 Americans who the Iranians held hostage, we just drop-shipped $400 Million in various nations' currencies.....literally, pallets of cash.....on the same day as the hostages were released.
Preposterously, the Obama administration says that wasn't a ransom. Do they think we're clinically retarded? (Of course, that Obama got elected president would suggest there's an argument to be made there.)
Now, there is officially a price on the heads of American abroad. And guess what, Iran has already abducted two Iranian-Americans in Iran, and if my new math serves me, each will cost us $100,000,000 to get back.
In case you're wondering, $1.7 Billion buys a lot more than katyusha rockets for Iran to give to Hamas to shoot randomly at Israel. It'll buy ICBM's and cruise missiles from Russia for Iran to shoot at anybody they like, possibly eventually containing a nuke or two. Nukes that Obama has given Iran tacit permission to develop.
Next time, our sailors might not be given back to cheaply.

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Isaac A. Nussbaum said...

As the inimitable Don Kan'onji might say, bwahahahahaha!