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Saturday, August 26, 2006

Here we go again...

Ray "Chocolate City" Nagin is already complaining that the city of New Orleans is not ready for a hurricane and that the government has let the poor, huddled masses down yet again. Look closely at the most likely storm track for Ernesto...it could head directly for east of NO...the worst side to be on. I wonder if the buses will be running this time around...

Ernesto, packing 60 mph winds, could be near hurricane strength by Sunday. Still, it was too soon to predict whether it would hit the United States, said Michael Brennan, a meteorologist with the U.S. National Hurricane Center in Miami.
"People should pay attention, especially people on the Gulf coast," Brennan said. "We're in the middle of hurricane season and it's a good time for people to update their hurricane plans."

Yeah, I would say that's it's a good idea to update your hurricane plan...seeing as how the last one was the singular greatest example of unfathomable, human failure combined with the incompetence of the wretched, state leadership in the history of the civilized world. I will be watching very closely to see who manages to save themselves from Ernesto, should it be advised. I predict that if the levees wash away again, the same people who got stranded waiting for somebody to save them, get stranded in the flooded city again. Of course it'll be all Bush's fault again as well.


Reid said...

I just looged on after along and grueling weekend, to find my buddy Ray near the top of the blog space. Has he not been taken out yet. You would think by now that some self respecting Sleezite would have sent Count Chockula to the great slime bucket in the sky. Oh well, I guess that since we didn't find a more suitable home for the NO residents, that this all our fault that a hurricane may be coming. I wonder if the government shouldn't go into some areas of Dallas- force residents out of their homes - and allow the displaced Sleezites a new town for Ray to govern. I guess thats a bad idea, it hasn't made life easy for the Israeli's over the years.
I say so long Ray. I hope that Ernesto comes in and takes you away with him. How much money have you made with the crooked politics of NO since the storm and how many times have you whined about lack of help and support, without rolling up your sleeves to do some work. The only time I se Ray is when some leftist super-celeb wants to tour the 6th ward for a photo op. I bet if the funds that were coming in were stopped, Ray might sing from a different hymnal.

Ed said...

You are correct sir.

Ray Nagin, is a sleezeball since way back and his racialization of each and every issue before him is embarassing and condemnable.

It's personal responsibility and self reliance that will save the residents of N.O., or the lack thereof that will doom them.

David said...

Bill Campbell, former Mayor of Atlanta and current inmate, will be looking for a job in about 18 months. Maybe Nagin can hang on long enough to pass the torch.

dupree said...

Two peas in pod.